Heimish – Matcha Biome Perfect Cleansing Oil 150ml


A pH balanced cleansing oil that lifts away dark makeup and impurities to leave skin looking and feeling hydrated without leaving a greasy finish.

01. All-in-one Cleanser
*Dissolves makeup, including waterproof by 93.85% All-in-one Cleanser for SPF, foundation, point makeup.

02. Deeply cleanse pores
*Remove impurities in pores by 92.4%
Effectively cleanse makeup debris, blackhead, sebum, and dead skin cells.

03. pH balanced (5.5), Hydration
*Boost skin’s hydration by 118.79%
pH balanced(pH 5.5) cleansing oil keeps skin’s water-oil balance to help skin feel refreshed and moisturized.

04. Soft texture, Fresh finish
The lightweight oil cleanser instantly emulsify with water and remove makeup with a soft and fresh finish.
“Clicinally tested

How To Use

Apply an appropriate amount of this product in a dry skin and massage in circular motions, remove makeup and debris from base to waterproof, and wash it off with warm water


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