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It is a total care mask that tightens the skin and hydrated your Skin.

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It is a total care mask that tightens the skin. This product has been tested for being allergen FREE, free of 19 harmful ingredients, and also for low skin irritation. Safe to use for sensitive skin with the EWG Green grade, and FREE of 20 harmful ingredients in Hwahae. The 34G essence is absorbed into the skin, and as time passes, it becomes a transparent hydrogel type. Suitable for those who wants all-in-one care in one sheet with low irritation, who feels their skin elasticity has decreased, who wants immediate hydration, and for those who need a quick and easy pore care. Human application tested and shows improvement in pores, moisture, and elasticity. The human application test results show a 19.40% improvement in pore volume, 19.65% improvement in pore area, and 16.09% improvement in the number of pores immediately after use. The amount of moisture on the cheek area shows a 126% increase immediately after a single use.
After using the Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask once, it shows an immediate 34% improvement in skin elasticity. With just one use, this product shows a 90.48% feeling of reduced pores, pore contraction and convergence, a refined feeling, 100% soothing sensation for sensitive skin, 90.48% improvement in inner and outer dryness, 95.24% better skin condition, and a 90.48% feeling of firmer, replenished skin. The essence is absorbed deeply into the skin, providing a firm and radiant skin experience.
This product received the EWG Green grade, 19 controversial ingredients FREE, Hwahae 20 harmful ingredients FREE, MFDS announced 25 allergy-inducing ingredients FREE, and skin irritation tested.
Suitable for those who have difficulty finding a mask fabric that fits their skin type, who feel dry after using a mask pack for a while, who have uneven skin tones such as redness, and who struggle with balancing the moisture and oil levels in their skin due to a combination skin type.


This is a probiotic collagen mask containing ultra-low molecular weight collagen and Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate.
A product containing triple probiotic complex and oligo hyaluronic acid for a vibrant skin solution.
Contains 50,000 PPM of Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate to help with skin hydration, elasticity, and brightening.
Contains 50,000 PPM of ultra-low molecular weight collagen, maximizing penetration and absorption.
Contains 5% oligo hyaluronic acid, providing a powerful instant moisturizing effect.
Contains a triple probiotic complex, regulating the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria, aiding in skin vitality.

How to use

After finishing your skincare routine, apply the collagen mask on your skin and let it absorb for about 3~4 hours before removing it.
Tip. Using it as a sleep mask in the last step of your skincare routine will make it even more effective.

2 reviews for Biodance – Bio Collagen Real Deep Mask 34g 1P

  1. Shereen

    Its the best mask i ever saw. And i am already great fan of skincare and i am only 15 😄

  2. Shereen

    Its the best mask i ever saw. And i am already great fan of skincare and i am only 15 😄 i love it

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