Anua – Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum 20g


Your Path to Radiant, Healthy Skin!

Introducing the Anua Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum – Your Path to Radiant, Healthy Skin!

Unlock the secret to luminous, blemish-free skin with the revolutionary Anua Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum. Packed with a potent blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge science, this serum is the key to achieving the radiant complexion you’ve always dreamed of.

Green Lemon Extract & Vitamin C Powerhouse: This serum boasts an impressive 560,000ppm of green lemon extract and 200,000ppm (20%) of Vitamin C, combining the best of nature and science. Green lemon extract is celebrated for its ability to revitalise lacklustre skin, while Vitamin C is renowned for its prowess in combatting hyperpigmentation, leaving your skin with a luminous, youthful glow.

Dermatologically Tested Formula: This serum’s formula has undergone rigorous dermatological testing to ensure it’s not only effective but also gentle on your skin. The innovative capsules within the serum are infused with panthenolglutathione, and bisabolol, further enhancing its brightening and soothing effects.

Vita-Barrier Capsules: These magical vita-barrier capsules are packed with panthenol, glutathione, and bisabolol, enabling the efficient delivery of water-soluble vitamins through your skin barrier. Say goodbye to dull and uneven skin tone as your complexion becomes radiant and flawless.

Fight Blemishes Inside and Out: Not only does this serum improve observable freckles and blemishes on the surface of your skin, but it also works its magic deep within your skin. With the help of Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid, it helps combat hyperpigmentation, leaving you with a smoother, more even complexion.

Anti-Aging Benefits: Aging is a natural process, but the Anua Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum ensures you do it gracefully. Alpha-Bisabolol and Adenosine are here to aid in the fight against wrinkles and fine lines, leaving your skin looking youthful and revitalised.

Store in the Fridge for Optimal Freshness: To preserve the potency and efficacy of this remarkable serum, store it in the fridge between 3-10°C after opening. This ensures that each drop delivers maximum benefits to your skin.


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