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Acwell – Licorice Ph Blancing Eye Cream 30ml

An eye cream packed with antioxidant-rich and brightening ingredients like licorice, glutathione, peptides as well as green tea extracts that can help improve the appearance of dark circles and hyperpigmentation around the eye area.

APLB – Glutathion Niaciniamide Ampoule Serum 40ml

This do-it-all ampoule offers brightening, moisturizing and anti-aging benefits to satisfy all your skin care need

APLB – Glutathion Niaciniamide Facial Cream 55ml

This moisturizing cream is formulated with glutathione and niacinamide to deliver antioxidant and brightening properties to skin

APLB – Retinol Vitamin C Vitamin E Facial Cream 55ml

Soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin from external environment

Beauty of Joseon – Glow Replenishing Rice Milk 150ml

The nutrient-rich rice extract and rice amino acids penetrate deeply to hydrate and smooth dry, rough skin

d’Alba – White Truffle Royal Intensive Serum 30ml

This is a new serum for 2023 that provides whitening, moisturizing, elasticity, radiance, antioxidant, and anti-aging care all at once by simply spraying it with the golden ratio of moisturizing radiant oil with golden energy containing peptide capsules and a nutritious serum

Haruharu Wonder – Centella 4% TXA Dark Spot Go Away Serum 30ml

It is a functional product for brightening improvement by perfectly liberating skin freckles and pigmentation. It is a thick serum for soothing concentrated freckles, which is absorbed instantly when applied like jelly

Jumiso – All Day Vitamin Glow Boost Facial Toner 125ml

Contains Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide and Tranexamic Acid to help create a naturally glowing skin.

Mary & May – Idebenone Blackberry Complex Essence Mask 20ea

A premium peel-off mask pack that delivers a total solution of whitening, wrinkles, anti-oxidation, soothing and moisturizing to dry and dull skin

Mediheal – THE I.P.I Brightening Ampoule Mask 25ml

Brighten and add radiance to dull, lifeless skin with 3% Niacinamide, two different types of acids and two skin brighteners. This hydrogel mask hugs skin and locks-in our essence for maximum absorption and effectiveness to revitalize and brighten skin.

Mediheal – Vitamide Brightening Pad 100 Pads

Get glass skin with this glow-getter pad. Our liposome delivery system provides rapid and deep absorption improving skin's tone and luminosity

Nineless – B-Boost 1% Kojic Acid Serum 30ml

A concentrated skincare solution formulated to target various skin imperfections, particularly hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.

Nineless – B-Boost 1% Kojic Acid Toner 200ml

Harnessing the power of Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, and a blend of four fermented ingredients for a revitalized and luminous look.

Nineless – MELA-PRO Rice & TXA Toner 200ml

Enriches your brightening care and helps boost skin radiance with 72.49% Rice Seed Water and 19,800ppm Tranexamic Acid.

Rohto – Melano CC Melanin Whitening Anti-Spot Essence 20ml

This famous essence / serum gives you a concentrated whitening care. It contains a high purity of vitamin C derivatives for whitening performance, it helps remove residues of black pigment (melanin) as well as avoid accumulation.

VT – Reedle Shot 100 Essence 50mL

Ingredients in the form of microneedles smaller than pores are absorbed into dull skin as it gets stimulated to improve the condition. Deeper, faster, and better absorption has been proven through clinical trials.

Some By Mi – Yuja Niacin Anti Blemish Strater Kit (4 items)

Travel-sized set of SOME BY MI’s flagship Yuja Niacin products comprises toner, serum, gel cream, and sleeping mask, all infused with Yuja extract as well as glutathione and arbutin for a bright, wrinkle-free finish.

Nineless – Mela-Pro 5% Tranexamic Acid Serum 30ml

This serum contains 5% Tranexamix Acid, 2% Niacinamide and Glutathione that help brighten skin tone, reduce skin pigmentation and minimize

Skin Food – Rice Daily Brightening Cleansing Foam 150ml

A bouncy cleansing foam infused with Cheorwon Odae rice bran water that removes impurities and cleanses without stripping skin leaving it bright and soft

Skin1004 – Zombie Beauty Bloody Peel 30ml

An exfoliating solution with 17% AHA to help exfoliate the skin and improve the look of skin texture and radiance.

Sulwhasoo – Concentratred Ginseng Renewing Cream 10ml Mini

Improve the look of wrinkles and firmness with Ginsenomics™, our signature ginseng saponin, while ginseng peptides help protect skin from environmental stressors

Anjo – Vita Sun Whitening Dual Function Multi Balm SPF50+ PA+++ 9g

UV protection + dark spot care and vitamin care. It contains niacin amide and vitamin tree oil that protect against freckle-causing ultraviolet rays and helps whiten the skin

Dr. Ceuracle – Hyal Reyouth Hydrogel Eye Mask 60 EA

Hydrogel mask for the eye contour. It is based on 6-Hyal-Complex (Hyaluronic Acid Complex) and Panthenol (vitamin B5) to refresh

I’m From – Rice Mask 110g

This scrub is fortified with Rice Bran and Rice Powder to remove dead skin cells and impurities and restore the skin's natural glow and translucence. Vitamin B1, B2 and rice water containing various minerals tighten loose skin and enlarged pores.