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Lotte – Papero Almond 37g

The messenger of love and friendship. Pepero is a long-stick chocolate snack that is easy to eat and is topped with plenty of nutty almonds, making it a popular snack

Maxim – Kanu Doubleshot Latte Sick 10

This is a coffee with added depth by increasing the content of Kanu coffee

Maxim – Kanu Latte Stick 10

Adds a deep, smooth taste to coffee by increasing the content of fresh milk.

Maxium – Kanu Tiramisu Latte Sticks 8

Filled with a deep, rich flavor and a soft, luxurious aroma. By increasing the fresh milk content, you can enjoy the softer taste of milk

No brand – Lunch Box Kim 5g

Enjoy a delicious meal anytime, anywhere with seaweed in a lunch box that allows you to whip up a bowl of rice