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Numbuzin – No.5 Glutathione Vitamin Concentrated Serum 30ml

Experience the effects of Glutathione ampoule that help with anti-aging and brightening! .

Numbuzin – No. 2 Cica Ceramide Repair Cream 60ml

Super-calming Cica meets skin-barrier-strengthening Ceramide to enhance the natural strength of your skin.

Numbuzin – No. 3 Velvet Beauty Cream 60ml

A velvet-textured moisturizer that makes your base makeup flawless. Silky smooth texture

Numbuzin – No. 4 Full Nutrient Firming Cream 60ml

A highly concentrated nourishing cream that coats the skin with red ginseng and nutrients to provide long-lasting moisturizing and firm elasticity

Numbuzin – No. 5 Daily Multi-Vitamin Cream 60ml

A nourishing face cream infused with 22 kinds of Vitamin Complex and 27 kinds of nutrients to add radiance to your skin

Numbuzin – No.3 Porcelain Base-skip Tone Up Beige 35ml

Light texture that immediately evens out your skin. Blemishes, redness and imperfections are minimized in no time.

Numbuzin – Fine Cica Serum No.8 50ml

Infused with Centella Asiatica to strengthen the skin barrier, leaving a healthier complexion.

Numbuzin – Secret Firming Serum No.9 50ml

Infused with 2 types of Peptides which restore skin elasticity and increase the firmness of sagging skin effectively. It smoothly adheres to the skin without any stickiness.

Numbuzin – No. 1 Pure Full Calming Herb Toner 300ml

Provide deep and rich soothing hyacinth and polygonum multiflorum makes the skin transparent

Numbuzin – No.1 Glossy Essence Serum 50ml

It contains oriental herbal ingredients to provide a radiant glow and nutrition to the skin

Numbuzin – No.2 Protein 43% Creamy Serum 50ml

The Creamy Serum builds Protein barrier to Strengthen and Protect your skin.