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Nature Craft – Lavender Drops Hand & Foot Soak 150g

Let’s unwind with Lavender drops soak for a relaxing spa like feeling. Lavender drops will relax and detoxify your hand & feet, it will calm the nerves & provide with nourishment. This aromatic foot soak will also make your hand & feet smell good.

Nature Craft – Vintage Rose Hand & Foot Soak 150g

Vintage Rose hand & foot soak is a perfect blend of Rose Geranium and White Jasmine which will give you major vintage feels. This aromatic foot soak will also make your hand & feet smell good and reduce excessive perspiration and promotes blood flow.

Nature Craft – Double Detox Underarm Mask 80g

Exothermic reaction which scrapes off dead skin cells from the epidermis to give way to clear skin

Nature Craft – Even Tone Underarm Mask 80g

Treat your underarms by using our Even Tone armpit detox mask

Nature Craft – Go Away Cramps Aromatherapy Balm 30g

This balm helps to relieve painful cramps during periods.

Nature Craft – Lime Margarita Body Scrub 150g

Ideal to combat against blocked pores, in-grown hairs and blemishes, leaving your skin visibly soft, smooth & brightened.